Our goal is to produce the most interesting motorcycles and electric bicycles of the 21st century, to increase our market share in our country, to ensure that the ARORA brand goes beyond borders, to become a more successful, more respected and forward-looking company than we were yesterday.

Our goal is to reach more customers and to satisfy them more by achieving the most satisfactory results with the products and services that we offer.


Our goal is to provide high-quality, economical, and affordable motorcycle and electric bike models to our customers. We strive to produce the best product in our field, to produce solutions that appeal to our customers, and to increase the employment of both men and women in our country.

It is our greatest responsibility not to harm nature and all living things by adopting sustainable energy sources and entrusting a cleaner world to future generations with our well-equipped R&D studies. While carrying out all of these responsibilities, it is our most important responsibility to participate in social responsibility projects.

We are working on the spread and recognition of the ARORA brand and ARORA excellence outside of Turkey, and we strive to create a permanent, solid and dynamic image.