Although the new generation vehicles are produced with the most advanced technologies and materials, your vehicle's components also have a life span. Over time, the parts used in the manufacture of your vehicle lose their effectiveness. As a result, all vehicles, regardless of brand or model, require regular maintenance. To figure out whether these kinds of problem exist in your car or not, it must first be checked and, if necessary, worn or dsyfuctional parts replaced.

If routine inspections and maintenance are not done, you can understand that there is a problem based on your vehicle's reactions. However, the risk of unexpected breakdowns and accidents is quite high in vehicles that are not routinely maintained and inspected. Mandatory periodic maintenance minimizes the risks of unexpected breakdowns and accidents,and also reduces additional consumption by allowing your vehicle to operate more efficiently.  

  • Due to the decrease in the performance of the vehicle, fuel and energy consumption increases and riding comfort decreases gradually.
  • Periodic maintenance should be done on time and by authorized technical services.
  • The lifetime of the vehicle without periodic maintenance is reduced. As a result, the resulting breakdowns continue to increase.
  • Periodic maintenance should be done without delaying in order to ensure that the components and parts used in the vehicles are durable and used more safely.
  • Depending on the location where the vehicle is used, it may be necessary to perform more frequent maintenance. (Commercial use, use as a takeaway, use in rough steep terrains and rural areas, etc.) In such cases, it is more important to undergo periodic maintenance as wear increases.

Due to the wear and deterioration on the components and parts in the vehicles, the settings made on the vehicle are also impaired. In order to prevent these, the components and settings specified by our company should be checked at scheduled time intervals.

In each maintenance period, controls and inspections are made and the components foreseen by the authorized personnel are replaced.In addition, even though the properties of some parts and fluids do not deteriorate, vehicle owners are advised to replace them for vehicle safety reasons, according to the company's instructions.Both the warranty certificate and the information in the user manual should be read as an item.In accordance with the decisions of the introduction guide regulation, periodic maintenance should be made compulsory. If periodic maintenance is not done, it is considered as faulty use because the warranty conditions are not fulfilled.

When periodic maintenance is required, the warranty certificate and user manual contain information on the intervals at which periodic maintenance will be performed and by whom it should be performed.

Some parts may need to be replaced during periodic maintenance. Use original parts obtained from authorized spare parts dealers or authorized services when replacing parts. Otherwise, our company cannot be held responsible for any breakdowns that may occur and the customer cannot demand a guarantee.

When you notice any breakdown or suspect that there may be a breakdown, it is recommended that you take your vehicle for maintenance immediately ,rather than waiting for periodic maintenance.

WARNING: If the periodic maintenance is not done by the users fully and on time at Aurora Authorized Services, the user will be entirely and solely responsible for any material and moral damages incurred as a result of this failure.In this case, the user cannot claim any price from the manufacturer/distributor and cannot claim any rights.In addition, even if the product's warranty period has not yet expired, the product will be considered out of warranty.