The user manual should be read and followed.

The pre-ride checks are to ensure driving safety. It is your responsibility to perform these checks and fix any problems that you encounter.

Pre-ride checks are a necessity not only for safety, but also in case a breakdown or a flat tire that can cause major problems.

Before riding, check the following points:

  • Fuel level- If the fuel tank is empty, fuel up.
  • Throttle grip- Check the throttle grip whether it operates smoothly and returns to its closed position for each position of the handlebar.
  • Engine oil- Check oil level. If necessary add recommended oil specified level. Check vehicle for oil leakage.
  • Brakes- Check operation.
    • Front Brake-Check fluid level and brake pads for wear.
    • Rare Brake-Check brake pads for wear. Check pedal free play and adjust if necessary.
  • Headlights and Horn-Make sure that headlights, signals, and horn are working properly.
  • Wheels and Tires:Check their conditions. Check air pressure and correct if necessary.

Before riding make sure that you are physically ready, mentally focused, and free from alcohol and drugs.

Make sure that both you and your passenger are wearing approved motorcycle helmets and protective gear. Tell your passenger to hold the passenger grab bar or wrap his/her hands around your waist, move in synchronously with you during turns, and keep their feet on footrests even when the motorcycle is stopped.